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5 Don’ts of Edge Control

  1. Don’t put any extra tension on hair!
  2. Constantly wearing your hair slicked back can cause extra tension and damage.  Use edge control to create slicked back up-do’s, but let your hair breathe from time to time!

  3. Don’t use a super hard brush!
  4. Use a soft brush, especially if already using a strong hold edge control.  There is no need to use a hard brush, you can still get the style you want.

  5. Don’t just use edge control!
  6. Prep your hair by misting with water and adding moisturizer before applying product.  This will help to promote growth and avoid damage. 

  7. Don’t layer the product!
  8. When using edge control be sure to rinse out old edge control before adding new product to help prevent build-up. 

  9. Don’t sleep in your edge control!
  10. To prevent damage, try not to sleep with the product in your hair.  Make sure that if you decide to keep the product in your hair overnight, that you are sure to wrap your hair. 

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