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The Real Truth About Edge Control

People hear the word edge control and automatically think damage.  Edge control is an awesome hair styling product if used correctly.  Have you ever worried about damaging your hair from edge control?  Well you don’t have to!  Here’s why:

The Product

Edge control can be an effective hair product, that can help your edges grow with the right product.  With a product like, E & K Essential Edge Control, it will do the trick.  It’s a water-based product, which is important because edge controls that contain alcohol dry out the hair and cause breakage. 

The Right Usage

By using the right edge control brush and gently guiding your edges into place, you won’t damage the hair. By applying a generous amount into palm and using hands to style hair.  Then minimal brushing will be needed, resulting in creating less handling and breakage of the hair.  Also, by applying a moisturizer and/ or spraying with water before use it helps keep the hair moist and prevents damage.

Be Mindful

As with any hairstyle, you should handle your hair with care.  Any vigorous brushing and handling of the hair is going to cause damage to the hair and edges.  So be mindful how you handle and manage your hair, as with any product.

Keeping these tips in mind will unlock a whole new world of helping your hair to grow and your edges to flourish!

Elyse Horton

E & K Essentials


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